Training service for sustainable sourcing

Ensuring a sustainable supply of raw material remains a challenge in Madagascar, particularly in the fruit sector.

HavaMad’s partner producers operate in a complex rural context that makes it difficult for them to maintain a quantity and quality supply. These producers are mainly from family farming and own plots of between 0.5 and 3.5 ha. Lack of infrastructure, poor access to services, and poor technical support in rural areas limit the adaptation of their practices to the growing demands of international markets.

In order to ensure a secure, fair and sustainable supply, HavaMad is committed to supporting its producers.

Since 2016, HavaMad has been a partner of GIZ in the project « Promotion of sustainable supply in the fruit sector » to set up a support service dedicated to the professionalization of farmers and cooperatives. A team of 9 field agents devote 25% of their activities to training and supporting:


  • On contractual commitment: make producers aware of the terms of the contract, standards of hygiene, traceability, quality and organic certification.
  • On good agricultural practices: train producers on production techniques and support them in adopting good practices.
  • On the social aspect: producers are made aware of social standards through a charter. A health insurance service is offered to all producers.

And cooperatives

  • On the management of cooperatives: train members of the cooperative office to improve their financial management and governance.