The VISEO Foundation

A challenge to live better together

Recognized as a public utility approved by decree, in council of the government (2018/422), as a lever for economic and social development, the VISEO Foundation aims to intervene in the fields of health, education and culture.

It supports access to school and vocational training and the establishment of projects in the education system aimed at excellence. Its objective is to participate in projects to extend hospitals and health facilities. It wants to promote inter-community culture and national heritage, to make it a factor of exchange and sharing in order to live better together.

Official website of the VISEO foundation

VISEO’s values

The passion to aim high to achieve excellence

In a country with promising resources that is striving to realize its potential, VISEO asserts itself as a productive investor that is structured to better support the major players in the Madagascan public and private sectors in their development research.

In addition to the richness of the offer and the diversity of the business sectors in which the group operates, it encourages its employees and partners to change in order to create lasting value.

  • Let’s unite our talents
  • Let’s move forward together in a spirit of collaboration and sharing
  • Maintain trust by respecting our commitments
  • Let’s act with integrity and pass on by example
  • Let’s make our children’s world a better place

We change to make the change

A social actor committed through its foundation, VISEO prioritizes its actions in the fields of health and children’s education.

The other companies of the group

Selection of the best fruits from Malagasy farmers

HavaMad is the result of different meetings with one thing in common : Madagascar.

HavaMad is an agro-food company created in 2013 specializing in the design, transformation and marketing of organic fruit juices and purees. The raw materials come directly from small farmers, organized into cooperatives.

We ensure fair remuneration for their work within the framework of a direct and transparent relationship, in order to contribute to the development of fair and inclusive trade. This allows farmers and their families to live with dignity from their work and aim to a better future. HavaMad is a member of the VISEO group and today has 60 fixed employees.

HavaMad’s values



HavaMad consider social and economic aspects in order to ensure the sustainability of its partnerships.



HavaMad invests in the development of its partners and employees through training and regular assessments.


ustomer satisfaction

Through an attentive listening and interactive communication we are committed to respect your specifications for ensure the sustainability of the relationship.



The certification of our Food Safety Management System (FSMS), according to the FSSC 22000 standard, allows us to ensure the quality of our products and the safety of our consumers.



We use organic contract farming as an innovative tool for sustainable development while respecting environment and people.



We focus on analyzing market trends in order to deliver an offer that meets the expectations of our customers and consumers.



Our product line is designed with respect for the natural balance between the environment and your health.